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GTA 4 – Grand Theft Auto for Windows – If you’re looking for Download GTA 4 – Grand Theft Auto for Windows Os, you are in the right place! GTA 4 – Grand Theft Auto will surprise you due to its technical improvements and a dark and complicated plot that will captivate you straight away

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  • Operating System : Windows
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GTA 4 – Grand Theft Auto for Windows Reviews

Grand Theft Auto is definitely one of the such a lot effective game franchises and one of the most acclaimed titles between motion lovers over the last 20 years. Each game of the saga has meant a genuine revolution attributable to its total freedom of movements, an open-world map that receives more and more bigger with every new installment and characters with an advanced lifestyles that allow the gamer to grow to be among the undesirable guys. This time round we offer you GTA IV, the ninth installment within the series.

The ‘American Dream’ arrives on GTA

The main person of this installment of Grand Theft Auto is Niko Bellic, an illegal immigrant and Balkan War veteran that has traveled by means of sea to Liberty City, a fictional town in response to a modern edition of New York, seeking fortune such as his cousin Roman. They both grow to be in debt and coming into a spiral of crime that’s very rough to escape. Challenge by means of mission, they’ll ought to fight opposed to corrupt thieves and sociopaths to build up as a lot cash as possible and climb to the tip of the city’s social scale.

GTA IV for PC vs video consoles

The release of this much-awaited game changed into initially unique to third-generation video consoles. Through the tip of 2008, the edition of GTA 4 – Grand Theft Auto for PC finally arrived. It received a lot of praise for its increased graphics compared to Xbox 360 and PS3 and for its increased thoughts together with having the ability to handle the traffic density, configure the drawing distance and the repeat editor that enables the players to record and edit their own clips of the game.

However, the PC edition of this game additionally controlled to grow to be one of the most disappointing titles of the yr 2008 for many players as its minimum requirements were very excessive for that time, it changed into incompatible with ATI Radeon controllers and it had DRM problems, between many different problems that definitely weren’t current within the video console versions.

Main features of GTA IV

The guys at Rockstar necessarily have the option to shock the players. In this GTA, that’s already eight years old, we will uncover features and graphics that don’t seem too outdated even today:

  • Stunning photograph details for every unmarried component of the game: vehicles, main characters, pedestrians or maps of Liberty City.
  • Wide variety of guns available: knives, baseball bats, Wasteland Eagle, MP5, AK-47, Remington 700, Molotov cocktails, hand grenades or RPG-7, between others.
  • Extended multiplayer mode that calls for more technique points to be taken into account.
  • Game optimized for PC controls and the Xbox 360 gamepad.
  • Drive all styles of vehicles together with cars, boats, helicopters and motorbikes.
  • Possibility to customize the game through unique options.

Are there any cheats for this game?

Yes, of course there are. For the reason that it is rather an historic game, players have had years to find out all the game’s possible cheats that you can now uncover on the Internet. We’re talking approximately all styles of manuals with recommendation and cheats which will let you advance faster, regenerate Niko’s health, add a celebrity to the present level, multiply your revenue or acquire the finest guns and cars. Although, admit it, the game’s now not so fascinating with a lot of these hints available.

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GTA 4 - Grand Theft Auto for Windows

GTA 4 - Grand Theft Auto will surprise you due to its technical improvements and a dark and complicated plot that will captivate you straight away

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