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Sticky Notes for Windows – If you’re looking for Download Sticky Notes for Windows Os, you are in the right place! Place virtual notes on your Windows computer’s screen once you download Sticky Notes for free. It’s like using classic post-its but in a digital format

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  • Operating System : Windows
  • Licence : FREE

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Life is nerve-racking so it’s not mind-blowing that you cannot keep in mind every thing you have to do. Day-by-day choirs, medical professional appointments, meals shopping… No ask yourself you cannot keep in mind everything. Mankind took a huge bounce with the invention of post-its, those yellow square notes that later advanced into all shapes and colors. Yet now we are residing within the electronic era and we use much less and less paper (fact that nature is incredibly completely happy about), so no one should be surprised that those notes have additionally advanced into an electronic format. You can now make the each one of these in your computer due to Sticky Notes.

It’s vital that you keep in mind all those things you should not ever forget. Which region may well be bigger to pin a reminder than the screen that you spend the entire day staring at? Sticky Notes for Windows allows you to create colourful notes that you may view from the program or from the Begin Menu. You can choose from yellow, blue, green, and red, as well as a typical square shape or rectangular. Furthermore, it offers you the choice to create a word in accordance with an image and even write it by using hand, if your device is compatible.

Apart from sharing them on OneDrive, all your notes will always be secure and available on all your devices.

Although there are other alternatives, this application is incredibly comfortable, simple and rapid to use. Furthermore, you may share your notes on several applications and import or export them out of your OneDrive account.

Where are those notes saved?

Apart from being saved contained in the application, your notes will be saved instantly in your OneDrive account so you may check them online every time you want, without the danger of running out of glue. You can additionally ship them in your electronic mail account and stick them within the functions menu of Windows 8 and 10.

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Sticky Notes for Windows

Place virtual notes on your Windows computer's screen once you download Sticky Notes for free. It's like using classic post-its but in a digital format

Price: FREE

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Software

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